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Top 10 things to check before you head off on the family road trip

Before you pile the wife and kids into the family car, you need to undertake some checks of your vehicle to ensure your family road trip doesn’t become the next installment of The Griswald’s Family Vacation.

If you are not familiar with this movie, it is about a family who befall every type of disaster you can think off whilst on their family vacation.

Seriously, checking the basics on your vehicle before you leave could save you from being broken down on the side of the road, at worst at night or in an isolated area.

Tyrepower Noosa suggest all motorists, not just those on the Sunshine Coast conduct a thorough check of these items as it is better to be safe than sorry.

1.       Spare tyre

Check your car does in fact have a spare tyre on board and this is inflated, has at least 1.5mm tread on it and is free from damage.


2.       Tyres

For your tyres to be legal they must have at least 1.5mm in tread depth.  If they don’t,  you need to replace them before you head off on an extended driving holiday.


3.       Tools

Ensure you have an assortment of basic tools, including a jack and tyre iron should you need to change a tyre.


4.       Battery

Ensure you battery looks to be in good working order with no corrosion around the terminals which may lead to the battery failing.


5.       Lights

Check your head lights, indicators and brake lights to ensure they are all in working order.


6.       Wipers

Check the wipers work and there is ample rubber on the blades for any rainy conditions.


7.       Restraints

If children will be travelling in car seats, check they are properly installed and anchored securely.


8.       Fluids

Check your wiper fluid, brake fluid and radiator levels are all at maximum levels.

9.       First Aid Kit

This is essential for any injuries that may occur along the way

10.   Water

Ensure you have a quantity of water to top up radiators or provide hydration if needed.


We also suggest you pack non-perishable snacks, a torch, toilet paper and a blanket, just in case.  And lastly, don’t forget to pack the wife and kids!  A road trip wouldn’t be the same without them!

Road trips can be a really fun time for a family if you prepare and check the basics on your vehicle before you go.

If you have any concerns regarding the mechanics, wheels or tyres of your car, be sure to get the experts at Tyrepower Noosa on the Sunshine Coast to give your car a thorough inspection.

Don’t delay and call Tyrepower Noosa on 07 5449 7785.  Our expert team are on hand to assist you with anything your car needs before you head off. 

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