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Selling your car? Why you need a safety inspection.

When you decide to sell your car, in Queensland, the Government has legislated that you must have a safety inspection done and a safety certificate issued by an Approved Inspection Station.  

This legislation has been brought in to offer consumers some protection against purchasing unroadworthy vehicles and to ensure unroadworthy vehicles are not on the states roads. 

When you take your vehicle to an Approved Inspection Station, the technician will carry out a safety inspection.  This inspection covers the basics for the safe operation of the vehicle, such as:

  • tyres
  • brakes
  • steering
  • suspension
  • body rust or damage
  • windscreen
  • lights

If your vehicle passes this safety inspection, the technician will issue a Safety Certificate in writing or as an electronic version. The handwritten certificate must be displayed in the vehicle the moment you offer it for sale in public, list the vehicle for sale online or drive the car with a “for sale” sign displayed. 

If you have been issued an electronic certificate, you don’t need it to be displayed on your vehicle when it is listed for sale, however you must be able to produce it if it’s requested by a buyer, a buyer's agent, a police officer or a transport inspector. 

These safety certificates are valid for private sellers for 2 months from date of issue or 2,000 klms for passenger vehicles (whichever comes first) and 3 months from date of issue or 1,000 klms (whichever comes first) for licensed motor dealers. 

If you have a buyer for your car, the Safety Certificate must be presented with the transfer of registration documents at Queensland Transport.

Tyrepower Noosa are an Approved Inspection Station for Noosa and the greater Noosa region.   

Our technicians can complete a safety inspection of your vehicle and provide a Safety Certificate if it passes so your vehicles can be ready for sale. 

If some defects are found, Tyrepower Noosa are also a registered car repair centre and can take care of replacement tyres, repairs to suspension, brakes and a whole host of other mechanical issues. 

If you plan to sell your car, call Tyrepower Noosa today on 07 5449 7785 to book in your vehicle for a safety inspection so you can get your car sold as soon as possible!

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