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Tips to choosing the right tyres for your vehicle.

When we drive our cars, we can forget that our tyres are the only thing keeping our cars in contact with the road.

At any given time, as the wheels of our car spin to propel the car forward or backward, there is literally a very small amount of tread touching the roads surface.

If we reduce the amount of tread that is keeping the car in safe contact with the road, we are in for a potentially dangerous situation.

We have probably all had an experience of being in a car that had bald tyres and felt it slip and skid as it tried to move forward or navigate around corners.

Add speed or wet driving conditions to this mix and it can be a recipe for disaster.  So too can choosing the wrong type of tyres for your vehicle.

Tyrepower Noosa stock a range of tyres to suit all makes and models of vehicles in Noosa and the surrounding areas.

Our expert tyre team can advise you on what type and size of tyres would best suit your vehicle from our extensive range of tyres ranging from budget to high end. 

They will also take into account your driving style, how often you drive and where you tend to drive to so you can get the most durability from your chosen set of tyres.

Whether you are after all-terrain tyres, truck tyres or passenger vehicle tyres, Tyrepower Noosa are the tyre industry experts!

Give us a call at Tyrepower Noosa today on 07 5449 7785 and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members today or drop in and see us with your vehicle. 

We will take a look at your car and help you find the very best fit for your new tyres with the best value for money. 

Request a quote and we will be in touch via SMS shortly

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