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Wheel alignments. Are they really necessary?

If you’ve ever had your car in for service and they ask you if you want a wheel alignment done, don’t think this is an extra grab for your money.

Wheel alignments will actually save your money in the end!

Wheel alignments are crucial for your wheels to be angled correctly, for your tyres to wear uniformly and for your car to drive correctly.

If you’ve ever notice your car pulls to one side, your steering wheel looks a bit crooked or it vibrates, or your tyres are weirdly wearing out in only one spot, this is indication your car desperately needs a wheel alignment!

A wheel alignment is actually an adjustment in degrees to your cars suspension, not to the wheels as you might imagine.  The adjustments to the suspension change how your cars tyres make contact with the road.

A qualified technician can make adjustments to the angles of the suspension with a wheel alignment machine. The technician adjusts the degrees of angles to the camber, caster and toe of the vehicles suspension.

Once the angles have been adjusted, a motorist can expect improvement in the durability of their vehicles tyres as they are now making contact uniformly with the road surface and it will drive correctly as well.

Tyrepower Noosa recommend having a wheel alignment done at regular 10,000 klms intervals to prolong the life of the vehicles tyres.  Improved fuel economy and road safety will result as well.

Tyrepower Noosa can perform wheel alignments, wheel balancing and tyre rotations on your vehicle as well as supply and fit new tyres.

To save your tyres from premature wear and have your suspension running at its optimum level, call Tyrepower Noosa today on 07 5449 7785 to book in for a wheel alignment.  Your car and your tyres will thank you for it!

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