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Signs your vehicles suspension needs to be inspected

The suspension system in your vehicle includes a number of components such as the tyres, shock absorbers and struts and connects the vehicle to its wheels.

The suspension systems provides ride comfort, handling and the ability to turn and steer the vehicle.   

If the suspension systems is having issues, it can greatly affect a motorists ability to control the vehicle which can lead to a dangerous situation.

Signs your vehicles suspension system needs to be inspected at Tyrepower Noosa include:

·         Rough ride

·         Difficulty in steering

·         Slippery steering

·         Pulling to one side

·         Car dips when coming to a stop

·         Uneven tyre wear

If your vehicle is displaying any of these signs, you need to get the suspension checked fast!.  In particular, if your car dips or nose dives when braking, it can seriously affect your ability to safely stop the vehicle at speed.

Your tyres will also experience premature wear which can lead to unnecessary replacement costs earlier than expected.

Tyrepower Noosa offer a broad range of services including car repairs, log book servicing, supplying and fitting new tyres, safety inspections and a range of 4 x 4 accessories.

We can thoroughly inspect your suspension system and make some recommendations on how to best rectify the issue at the best possible price, so you can get your car back on the road.

So, call Tyrepower Noosa today on 07 5449 7785 to book in your vehicle for a suspension inspection with our expert mechanical team.   

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