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Tips to extending the life of your tyres

Our vehicles make contact with the surface of the road via the tread on a tyre. Considering that the tread is the only thing gripping our car to the road, it makes sense to always ensure your tyres are in good condition. 

As Tyrepower Noosa are in the business of supplying and fitting a wide range of tyres for our Sunshine Coast customers, we thought it pertinent to share some tips with our readers so they can get the most out of their tyres before they need replacement.

Check the air pressure

Each month we recommend you check the air pressure in your tyre and at every occasion where you will be taking an extended driving trip.  Your log book or the label on the inside of the drivers side door will tell you the recommend amount of air pressure your tyres should have. 

Having the correct air pressure in your tyres ensures even tread wear and improves fuel economy.

Rotate your tyres

By rotating your front tyres to back and vice versa, you are ensuring there is even tread wear, helping your tyres to last longer.

Wheel balancing

If your wheels are imbalanced, i.e. incorrectly weighted, you will feel a vibration when doing higher speeds. By having the wheels balanced at regular intervals it will stop the vibration and avoid premature tyre wear.  


Wheel alignment

A wheel alignment aligns the axles to your vehicle.  If your wheels are out of alignment it can make the tyres wear out faster, affect the vehicles steering and add to fuel consumption.


These simple tips can easily prolong the life of your set of tyres, so you can enjoy trouble free motoring.

If your tyre has suffered a puncture, it is best to have it repaired by the professionals at Tyrepower Noosa.  A DIY job could result in your tyre blowing out at high speed, causing a potentially dangerous situation.

Tyrepower Noosa offer free tyre checks for motorists as your tread depth should be a minimum of 1.5mm for it to be legal!

If your tyres do need replacing, you can count on Tyrepower Noosa’s extensive range of passenger, 4WD and light truck tyres to get you back on the road.

Call us on 07 5449 7785 to book your vehicle in or visit us with your car.

Our expert tyre fitting team will be able to recommend the best and most economical set of tyres for your vehicle.  

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