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Steel vs alloy wheels

Because our expert team of tyre fitters at Tyrepower Noosa deal with wheels and tyres all day, every day, they often get asked, “what is the difference between steel and alloy wheels”.

Might seem they are one and the same, but in actual fact they aren’t. Steel and alloy wheels are quite different and here, Tyrepower Noosa explain the difference between them.

Steel wheels

Steel wheels used to be the standard fare when we purchased our vehicles years ago and before alloy wheels became hugely popular.

Steel wheels are heavier than alloy wheels, so in essence can add extra weight to the car and make it feel heavier to drive. It can be said this extra weight could also lead to more fuel consumption.

Steel wheels are much stronger than alloy wheels, are less expensive but unfortunately do not have the aesthetic appeal that alloy wheels do to modern motorists.

Alloy wheels

These days you would rarely see a vehicle with steel wheels, such is the love affair with alloy wheels. If a car did still have steel wheels, motorists tend to buy wheel covers to give the appearance of alloy wheels.

Alloy wheels are widely available in a huge range of designs allowing motorists to customise the look of their vehicle.

Alloy wheels are lighter than their steel counterparts but are more expensive. If an alloy wheel sustains a significant impac,t they can be more easily damaged than steel wheels.

The lighter nature of alloy wheels also make the steering and handling of the vehicle feel lighter than if it steel wheels were fitted.


Alloy wheels are much more popular these days for motorists who want to individualise the appearance of their vehicle and set it apart from others.

As we stay on top of industry trends, Tyrepower Noosa stock a vast range of alloy wheels for discerning motorists who want a great looking set of wheels to complement their car.

We can also offer expert advice on all types of tyres including low profile tyres available to suit any make and model.

To discuss your wheel options to suit your prized vehicle, come to our Tyrepower store in Noosa and one of our friendly team will be happy to assist or call us on 07 5449 7785 for a chat. 

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