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Tyre recycling

At Tyrepower Noosa you would imagine we see hundreds of tyres each week all in various forms of disrepair or damage.

Tyres that are good condition are vital for your car to grip the surface of the road.  Without sufficient grip, your car tyres would skid and slide at every start and stop and drift dangerously around every corner.

Once a set of tyres has had its day, it is important that they are disposed of responsibly.  You would most probably be aware that tyres do not break down, so can harm the environment if not recycled at an appropriate recycling station.

Tyres are typically made of the following materials:

  • Synthetic rubber
  • Natural rubber
  • Fabric
  • Steel
  • Wire
  • Chemical compounds

Tyres are not biodegradable so if discarded irresponsibly, will harm our environment from the rubber and chemical compounds within the tyre.

So unused or damaged tyres don’t end up in landfill, reputable tyre dealerships will dispose of the tyres for their customers.

Tyrepower Noosa do just this and passionately support our environment.  We ensure all discarded tyres are disposed of responsibly at a recycling plant.

If your car needs new tyres you can rely on Tyrepower Noosa on the Sunshine Coast to do the ethical thing and recycle any tyres.

Call Tyrepower Noosa today on 07 5449 7785 to book in your car for new tyres with the Sunshine Coast’s ethical and environmentally responsible tyre retailer. 

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